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PointClub panelist would love the unique experience once they sign up for membership with PointClub. The PointClub members enter the amazing world of Captain PC, Lady PC, Dennis and plenty of other super characters who help panelists become the super-heroes.

About InnovateMR

Innovate is a global online sampling firm, generating high-quality data from engaged panelists. Founded by Matt Dusig, Gregg Lavin and George Llorens, Innovate provides 24/7 client service to thousands of market researchers and research departments around the world. Innovate pioneered Human-Powered Sampling™ which promotes responsive communication for client satisfaction and created the First Class Panel™ which is a heavily-screened, profiled and engaged audience of survey respondents. Real People. Quality Data™.

InnovateMR is a fiercely independent sampling company that delivers Faster Answers™ from business and consumer audiences. Industry pioneers, Innovate helps market research agencies worldwide answer business questions and uncover insights with online surveys.

How it works

InnovateMR believes better panels produce better results, and to keep the panelists engaged in they have got plenty of earning opportunities:

  • By conducting more and more quizzes
  • By doing rounds of polls
  • Exciting survey best fitted to your profile

PointClub offers a whopping $5 signing-up reward as well. The amount of points available for a particular survey is based on a few factors, including length of the survey, complexity of the survey, how finely defined the survey demographic may be, and what Daily Streak level you may be at. A simple survey may begin at 200 points, and a more complex survey could be valued at 3,000 or more points. You don’t qualify in a survey – don’t worry you’ll still get 12 points, if you don’t qualify.

As points are earned, and approved, they are recorded in your PointBank. Each point is worth $0.001, so 1,000 points = $1.00. PointClub allows to redeemed your points once you’ve reached a minimum of 25,000 approved points in your PointBank. However, you are not required to request redemption when you reach 25,000 points. If you’d like to keep adding points and do a larger redemption later, you can do that as well. Panelists need to simply go to the “Redeem” tab in their account and choose the gift card of their choice which includes PayPal cash as well.

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