Why panelists love to join True-Opinion because they get higher payouts than any other survey websites. And of course, to keep you motivated right from the beginning the True-Opinion offers $5 as a signing bonus, isn’t that awesome folks, Yay!

How it works

Panelists who choose to take advantage of the opportunity to make easy cash just by continuing their usual activities on their laptop, phone or tablet. They usually earn from $0.75 to $8.00 and sometimes up to $10 per survey varies upon the complexity of the survey. The higher payouts mean high rewards within few weeks with plenty of redemption options, Gift cards (Amazon/FlipKart) *, Paypal or Bank checks*.

Over the years, valuable consumers opinions have helped fortune 500 and 1000 companies around the globe to batten their products and Service.

True-Opinion is an online web portal where consumers share their valuable opinion/thoughts to shape up and develop products and services through surveys launched by brand-owners or BIG Brands not only from India but from around the world.

True-Opinion panelists are primarily from India, USA, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world which represent a wide spectrum of age, income, demographic profile and professional attributes.

About Precise Research

Precise Research Solutions (PRS) offers a full array of end-to-end research data collection services to a variety of researchers, leading MR companies and end-clients, since 2007. PRS engages with clients and partners spanning across individual researchers/analysts, small-to-large market research companies, media/communication companies, branding/advertising agencies and end-clients from various industries globally.

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